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T BIO-AIR Filter

the effective, safe and certified solution for abatement of viruses, bacteria and pollutant gases

TONALI E.A. presents BIO-AIR filter, based on technology Phoebe® owned by company Colorobbia Consulting for continuous air sanitisation in large buildings.

An advanced, modular, continuous-cycle sanitisation system for AHUs that is suitable for all buildings with closed rooms where a centralised HVAC system is present.

It uses an innovative method for air sanitisation with a focus on personal safety, avoiding the use of health-damaging technologies.

For the realization of this filter, special LEDs have been chosen (to induce photocatalysis) which guarantee the lowest energy consumption. Innovative plastic materials have been selected which, in addition to the aforementioned characteristics of lightness and flexibility of installation, ensure high industrial circularity and maximum reduction of environmental impact with ease of disposal.

Tonali E.A. focusing on new technologies and innovative materials, it has created a product that is easy to manage and position in the HVAC sectors, which at the same time avoids the expensive VMC and sanitizes the internal environments in a very short time.

Advantages of the T BIO-AIR filter

  • Viruses and bacteria real elimination

  • Continuous reduction of volatile gases

  • Can be used also when people are present

  • Certified effectiveness

  • Easy installation

  • Low energy costs

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Low weight

  • Low disposal costs

  • No type of additional costs for building or electrical works

  • Quick times to guarantee the sanitation of the environments

  • Control of air quality parameters


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