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We offer patented solutions, unique on the market that stand out for quality and performance with real references


The proposed technologies do not compete with traditional monitoring, regulation and remote control systems but are also integrators of existing systems with open protocols


The proposed systems guarantee dynamic data analysis with predictive logic of time as well as monitoring and remote control to reduce consumption


We guarantee the collection of data in real time and continuously: thermal, electrical, air quality, structural stability and safety of buildings and also of the people who live there. All this through a single Web platform with wired probes and also with WIFI solutions and communication mesh networks


We meet the UNI EN standards and the ENEA guidelines by reducing the costs of processing mandatory data, as well as automatically processing the Energy Signature and Day Degrees


We offer predictive weather systems with patents filed in Europe and the USA through which it is possible to obtain energy savings of even more than 30% in real time. In particular, for ESCos, installers, companies, public and private entities, industries, condominiums, banks, offices.


Extremely fast amortization times;


Systems already tested in the factory that stand out for their ease of assembly and non-invasive applications


Exclusive operational rental of our technologies and of the entire plant and / or redevelopment of the property including maintenance, labor and energy services for ESCo


The proposed systems are part of the national incentives and help to reach the 2 energy-consuming classes to obtain the 110% BONUS


The current standards and those under definition agree on the advisability, and in some cases on the obligation (* 1), to use energy monitoring and analysis systems. This can be done already in the design phase of new plants, especially industrial ones, by monitoring the pre-existing systems to be upgraded. Therefore, designers need to use new IoT technologies such as those proposed by TONALI EA and the companies of the group, which are increasingly indispensable to know the real functional and energy behavior of the systems and therefore continuously improve the quality of their redevelopment design.

Architect at Work

The design of buildings, both new and undergoing major renovation, also requires architects to know tools that, such as T-BOX, evaluate energy inefficiencies in real time and online through the "Energy Signature" which defines the behavior of the building system. / plant. For this purpose Black Box Green Srl also provides free of charge the KLIMA Europe software which helps to calculate the building dispersions according to the UNI TS 11300 standard and allows to generate the reference line of the Energy Signature which binds, both in winter and in summer. , the energy spent in the environment necessary to maintain it at the internal comfort conditions of the project as the external temperature varies.


Energy Service Companies must develop technical economic assessments as accurately as possible in order to minimize their financial risks. Therefore, defining the efficiency interventions on the various types of plants (Thermal Power Plants, Refrigerators, Compressed Air, HVAC, Cogeneration / Trigeneration) is only possible starting from certain and objective data collected through an effective monitoring and analysis system of energy efficiency. With the systems proposed by Tonali EA, the amortization times of the investment are not calculated on the sole basis of the analysis of bills that do not indicate where the inefficiencies are located and, above all, from what they derive. Knowing with certainty the efficiency of the boilers and the real efficiencies of chillers, heat pumps and compressor units is the only way to avoid dangerous errors on the payback times to be made.


The new professional figure of the Expert in Energy Management, specialized in assessments for the energy efficiency of the building / plant system through quality energy audits, must certainly deal with adequate investments in technical equipment suitable for carrying out timely surveys. BB Voyager is a portable instrument designed and developed for this purpose. One of the main features is its ease of use, even for operators not particularly experienced in measurement activities and electromechanical operations conducted in thermal power plants (refrigerators, etc.). The possibility of buying it also in operational rental guarantees its amortization, with a small monthly installment, in a very short time compared to a normal technical consultancy activity in this field. The aim is to immediately generate profits for the professional who uses it.

Energy Manager

Energy management by Energy Managers who operate within complex industrial realities (industrial, civil, tertiary and transport sectors, etc.), is complicated and onerous. The ever-increasing costs of energy sources and the introduction of Legislative Decree 102/2014 which made the Energy Diagnosis mandatory, make it essential to continuously analyze the efficiency of your systems. T-BOX is the ideal tool to start energy monitoring campaigns according to current regulations and ENEA guidelines. Waste is no longer bearable, not only from an economic point of view, but also due to the growing need for environmental protection and the ISO 50001 quality standard, encouraged by Europe, is proof of this.


The plant engineering market is changing rapidly and installation companies need to adapt quickly to remain protagonists in their sector. We offer T-BOX systems based on advanced and reliable technologies. The most advanced solution to present to your customers with a strong added value compared to competitors.

Maintainers / Facility Managers

Small or large management and maintenance companies are among those who most often have the opportunity to offer their customers solutions for air and water sanitization, energy efficiency and consequent economic savings. It is therefore of vital importance to know very well the real behavior of the plants it manages and, above all, to have a tool that allows you to control many of them from a single workstation, thus optimizing the waste of time and resources necessary to go on site. (unless strictly necessary).

From this point of view, it is particularly useful to have access to the

T-BOX Web Platform, a real command bridge for the management activity for functional and energy efficiency diagnosis made available to the operator at any time.

Condominium administrators

He is among the professional figures who most need to update themselves to the new market logic and the needs of condominiums. The new rules and incentives made available by consolidated government and regional decrees make it possible to better manage the deep renovation works of both the building envelope and the systems. Relying on installation and maintenance professionals who have the most suitable innovative tools is the choice that can guarantee the optimal expected result with a minimum investment. T-BOX (already in use by the CNA, ASSET, AIRE, and other installer networks) is the state-of-the-art system for monitoring and analyzing the energy efficiency of systems that allows savings in consumption and consequent costs from the first bill.

Industries and SMEs

The new generations of entrepreneurs are more aware of the impact of energy costs on the finished product and how much this affects competitiveness in the markets. Especially in SMEs, where there is no obligation of the Energy Manager, it is even more difficult to diagnose energy inefficiencies without a system that detects consumption. Furthermore, SMEs should be monitored with simple but effective systems, both in the production part and in the air conditioning of offices and laboratories. With the innovative T-BOX MeteoPredittivo management system, it is possible to achieve a significant reduction in the hours of heating / conditioning of air-conditioned environments, depending on the short-term weather trends. A small investment that pays for itself in a short time, starting from the first bill.

Finally, it is worth remembering that many regions are legislating the co-financing, together with the state, of the energy audit costs incurred by SMEs.


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