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A new company for the green economy
Tonali E.A. proposed systems to make buildings more efficient by reducing the consumption of primary energy-intensive systems (electrical and thermal) allow the centralization of all data from the various installations of each individual customer (continuously and in real time), through a special dedicated web platform. Furthermore, through a patent obtained in collaboration with METEO EXPERT (Epson Meteo), it is possible to have an extremely reliable geo-localized forecast as it is continuously monitored, which allows to intervene on energy-intensive systems by optimizing their switching on and off according to the climatic conditions expected in the short term.
Medici con tute di protezione batteriolo
Make your environment safe: sanitized air and water
TONALI E.A. offers continuous cycle sanitation systems for water (against legionella) BB Bio Control Risk and indoor environments, even at high risk, to help ensure quality air and minimize the risk of contamination by viruses (including the family of Coronaviruses which include SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19), bacteria and fungi that attack surfaces and cause pollution and bad smells, SANIXBOX. 
The SANIXBOX (by WIVA) air sanitizing device is equipped with an air filter with patented Wivactive technology. The decontaminating effects of the system have been certified by national and international research centers and laboratories including EUROFINS.
Inizio infermiere esaminando paziente
Safety for people alone
Elderly people who live alone or in the nursing homes, technicians who work on unattended plants such as electrical substations, water purification plants, radio links, inspectors of energy transport lines, etc. Isolated work and life carry potential risks and therefore require a tool for the safety of people.
Tonali E.A. proposes BAI (Best Alarm Illness), the system that automatically detects an illness condition of an operator active in the field and then sends a request for help on a voluntary basis or completely automatically (detecting prolonged immobility of the person).
Lavoro di squadra

TONALI Energia & Ambiente

collaborates with other companies of the group

BLACK BOX GREEN, specialized in the efficiency of consumption of energy-intensive electrical, thermal and gas systems. Black Box Green srl aims to provide systems, products and services for continuous and online analysis of primary energy production and consumption plants. The goal is to identify energy waste by making
T BOX available to specialists working in the plant and energy sector of buildings, both public and private. By using the T BOX, the Energy Signature UNI CEN 52000-1:2018 (ex 15603:2008) of a building is automatically obtained and therefore the Energy Diagnosis of the Building / Plant system can be correctly carried out.

OMNIBUS, Swiss company that provides access control systems, BMS (Building Management System) and home automation systems, also offering design and construction services for technological systems, aimed at saving and energy efficiency.

To cope with the management of the different technologies integrated with each other in complex systems and the speed with which these technologies evolve over time, Tonali Energia & Ambiente supports its technicians, the Service Centers and the customers themselves, with specific training courses
The operational structure is made up of local teams and operating on the national territory. The skill and trained technicians operate according to the directives and procedures issued by Tonali Energia & Ambiente in compliance with current regulations.

Download here our Company Corporate Profile.
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