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TONALI E.A. proposes various systems for monitoring and improving the energy and thermal efficiency of buildings / primary systems (heating / air conditioning of small and large buildings and industrial machinery), for the protection of the environment and for the safety of people, to achieve of collective well-being.

  • Predictive, dynamic, continuous systems for the efficiency, safety, well-being and comfort of man, T BOX and mobile environmental measurement and analysis system for inspection professionals such as ESCo, consultants, specialists, maintenance technicians and installers, BB Voyager

  • Predictive weather system with international patent for thermal and refrigeration plants (heating and air conditioning), which eliminates energy waste in real time, continuously, via web, T BOX METEO

  • T BIO-AIR Filter: sanitised, certified, continuous-cycle air inserted directly into Air Handling Units (AHUs) of large buildings

  • T BIO-GAS Filter: an advanced, modular continuous cycle air purification system for AHUs which finds its place in all air-conditioned buildings with the presence of pollutants

  • Air sanitation system for indoor areas with innovative technology certified through the use of light and nanomaterials, Sanix Family

  • Real-time and continuous monitoring and analysis of biofilms with automatic predictive sanitation controls (anti-legionella), BB Bio Controlrisk

  • BAI (Best Alarm Illness) automatic illness detection system that sends rescue requests, interfaced with the
    T BOX system, to a dedicated platform


  • The Seismic Risk Assesment system for checking structural anomalies and the stability and resistance of buildings subjected to seismic and landslide events,

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