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Inserted directly into the Air Handling Units (AHU) of large buildings to obtain sanitised, certified continuous-cycle air




Prerogative of TONALI E.A. is energy efficiency. Several systems are proposed for monitoring and improving the energy and thermal efficiency of buildings / primary systems (heating / air conditioning of small and large buildings and industrial machinery) with monitoring and analysis systems in real time, continuously, via the web


Never before has the sanitation of environments become a priority as today. TONALI E.A. proposes different systems for the sanitization of air and water:

  • continuous air sanitation system with certified innovative technology

  • real-time and continuous monitoring and analysis for water sanitation (anti-legionella)


The safety of people is certainly a sector of great importance for the company that offers its customers:

  • the Firma Sismica system for controlling structural anomalies and the stability and resistance of buildings subjected to seismic and landslide events,

  • automatic illness detection system that sends emergency requests, interfaced with the
    T BOX system


A new company for the green economy

Tonali Energia & Ambiente was born in August 2019 from a multi-year synergy with Black Box Green. Together they have developed, proposed and installed systems to make buildings more efficient by reducing the consumption of primary energy-intensive systems (electrical and thermal) in the various banking sectors (from the building to the single branch), industry, public and private entities, sports facilities, supermarkets, schools, condominiums ... The consequent economic savings are objectively demonstrated through the comparison of the real degree days and the less environmental pollution.

TONALI Energia & Ambiente offers continuous cycle sanitation systems for water (against legionella) BB Bio Control Risk and indoor environments, even at high risk, to help ensure quality air and minimize the risk of contamination by viruses (including the family of Coronaviruses which include SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19), bacteria and fungi that attack surfaces and cause pollution and bad smells, SANIXBOX


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